The Power of Flower: A blunt conversation about today’s cannabis | October 7th, 10:00am -12:00pm & 3:00pm – 5:00pm | Tivoli 320 B&C

Facilitated by Dr. Libby Stuyt, an addiction psychiatrist, this event will provide current data and information around the evolution of cannabis. You will have a chance to hear and engage in conversation about the different forms of cannabis being used, potency changes over the years, perceptions about the rates of use amongst college students, emerging data around addiction as well as long-term physical and neurological effects of marijuana use. These sessions are open to all Auraria Campus students, faculty and staff.

Physical Wellness | Oct 8th, 12:30pm -2:00pm | Tivoli 320 


Physical activity and nutrition play a major role in how we feel both physically and emotionally.  This event will present information on the benefits of physical activity and healthy eating and sleep habits. Activities will include gentle movement and preparation of a simple healthy snack. 

Blind Spot | October 16th, 10:30am-2:00pm | Tivoli Multicultural Lounge

Breaking common myths associated with alcohol use by having casual conversations with campus resources. The goal is to help students make informed decisions about drinking and understanding signs that someone may need help. Free food is provided.

Social Wellness | Oct 23rd, 12:30pm -2:00pm | Tivoli 320 


As humans, we are driven towards social connectedness.  Having social relationships increases our ability to manage stress and boosts “feel good” chemicals in our brain.  This workshop will address why it’s important to have social connections, and the mind/body benefits of healthy social relationships.  Students will look at how to build an individualized network of social support.